About BEN


Bharat Entrepreneurs Network connects entrepreneurs for creating value , generating wealth by solving problems. We will all ensure that practice dharma


We all want to influence and change the world in our own way. Every thought we have, word we speak or write or action creates a ripple in world. There are major problems in world in areas of health, education, energy, environment and so on. We believe that the best way to solve a problem is to define that problem as a business challenge and find a business solution to it. This is what government or private sector does. However if there is an undressed need or problem or market then you solve that problem. That is what entrepreneurs do. We want to help connect entrepreneurs to problems/opportunities, investors especially in the context of Bharat. It is the ancient name of India and we feel that going back to the roots and grassroots has billions of opportunities. We plan on creating and enabling an ecosystem starting with a conference but also growing into an org and ecosystem

We connect members BEN via various modern age social platforms like
BEN Facebook Group, BEN Facebook Page,  LinkedInYouTube, Twitter etc

For joining our Instant Messaging platforms on Whatsapp, Telegram, send a message to Atul Kumar at +1203.987.4452 or email at infoatbendotorgdotin