BEN Mission and Vision

Objectives ( Purpose)


  1. Platform to accelerate entrepreneurship in Bhara. We are using the name Bharat instead of India with a specific reason. As has often been said we have many versions within this country. On one hand we have the western influenced and dominated strata of society a large percentage of population is disconnected from the upper 1%. We would like to go back to our roots and connect with the bottom of pyramid billion. We will help the top 1% reconnect with the bottom 99% too and make it possible to reconnect with them. It is a moral imperative as well as makes business sense.
  2. Create a Platform where we can bring successful Bharatiya from all walks of life even non-Bharatiya as well as “Friends of Bharat”
  3. Help local entrepreneurs get seed capital, mentorship, market access and other help
  4. Connect Bharatiya Entrepreneurs to markets outside Bharat Globally
  5. Connect with local schools and colleges and institutions and organize events where they get exposure from global leaders
  6. Award Functions to recognize local talent
  7. Publications – initially e- newsletters but layer even print publications
  8. Our own Channel on YouTube etc. where we post video interviews
  9. Database of members :We can have Charter Members, and basic members and student members
  10. A Website to host all content, events, member networking with each other:some of the content will be free but premium content ike access to other members will be only for paid members
  11. Also partnership with Govt. Dept, Corporates, similar bodies globally and locally CII, FICCI, Assocham, NEN, TIE, TED
  12. BEN events in various villages, cities of Bharat
    Next Steps
    1. Finalize a project plan with tasks, ownership, dates ( Venue, Date, Footfall being finalized)
    2. Agenda – Keynote speakers, panels to be confirmed ( e.g. Health, Education,Infrastructure etc)
    3. Agree on next Google Hangout Session


  • Legal entity/office being set-up in Delhi. Currently BEN has a bank account & legal entity in Patna, Bihar


  1. Identify Membership categories & criteria
  2. Have a formal Org Design – Advisors, Charter Members, Regular Members, Student members
  3. Have a local office ( currently Kalkaji Janakpuri, CP, Noida etc )
  4. Global chapters in Delhi NCR ( Anubhav, Dinesh, Chandan,  Niraj, Saqlain, Rajeev Kamal & many others) , Ranchi ( Abhishek, Rohit, Rajeev & many others), Jamshedpur ( Ranju Singh, Prof Madhukar Shukla, Prof Probal Sen and others), Patna ( Renu Singh, Amritesh Singh) ,   Bangalore ( Kavita Kanan, Neeraj Sahay) , Hyderabad (Anand Krishna Singh), Pune, Mumbai (Priyanka), New York ( Nonita Verma), London ( Ajai Singh),  Ostrava ( Santosh Pandey), adding friends and family as fillers and will be replaced by actual names once we have professional join the team)



Atul Kumar, CEO A++ Ventures                              Rishi Kant Kumar, M.Tech(Entrepreneurship), NIT A.P

Ravi Kumar,CEO & MD,Modlingua,Delhi                   Priyanka Manjari, Manager,IHC Delhi