My friend Internet & her kids

Sharing a post that  entrepreneurs many may find useful

We all have few best friends and teachers by the name of
INTERNET and her very smart children with the names of
A) Google
B) Wikipedia
C) Quora
D) YouTube
E) KhanAcademy

Whenever in doubt or a desire to know something I just ask my friend and her children and they have been very knowledgeable and helpful so far and charge me 0 paisa , don’t get irritated or impatient when I ask the same question many times. Most of my friends are good friends with her too but use her for finding videos, pictures, stories about ‘entertainment’ but are very shy of leveraging her infinite knowledge for learning and utility. She is also multilingual and responds to voice commands to in case one doesn’t want to type. She is looking forward to learning how to read our thoughts and desires too and is making lot of rapid progress

Few Communication & Collaboration Tools
Google Drive

I have been using Telegram quite a lot these days just like rest of world is using Whatsapp because it is serving few of my social ventures like IIM Society as well as Sainik School Tilaiya  very well. Moving existing from for Bharat Entrepreneurs Network, Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network, Bihar Entrepreneurs Network , Women Entrepreneurs Network etc also to Telegram. Why I am moving to Telegram is because it has a) Capacity of 5,000 instead of 256 of Whatsapp , b) Ability to edit/delete typos at all devices because all messages, pictures, videos are on the cloud c) Some very useful BOTs which allow you to filter spam,  give welcome messages to new members and many more …

Please check these links below to lead more about Telegram and few features


2 thoughts on “My friend Internet & her kids

  • June 25, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    It’s very impressive to see how you have personified ‘Internet’ and it’s usage.
    Good to see people are still using ‘Telegram’.
    It’s worth a try if anyone wants a little edge over stickers and emoticons! 🙂

    • June 27, 2017 at 4:11 am

      Thanks Iti. I was hoping to get some stories from you as an entrepreneur especially from a Young Women Entrepreneurs…


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