Infosys -> From NRN/Nandan era > Sikka – ?

My previous company Infosys is in lot of news and there are many opinions being shared. Here is mine

1) NRN Murthy & team created a new wave of middle class professionals becoming billionaires and millionaires via leveraging the IT industry boom. This was great because none of the founders had come from traditional rich families like TATA, BIRLA, GODREJ etc so it was the beginning of a new generation of entrepreneurs and job creators. Y2K, Globalization and other factors helped too. It was also a symbol of the new Bharat ready to serve and be served by the world. Capital counts

2) Many of the Infoscions started their own ventures in their areas of interest/specialization and created a vibrant ecosystems in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc

3) Infosys Development and Training Centers in places like Mysore created a whole generation of leaders,

3) Infosys missed the internet in a big way in early days and remained mainly a service provider/system integrator to the larger MNCs across the world. It served large client but didn’t create platforms like SAP or Oracleor Salesforce or the new ones like Google Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter

4) It was trying to create in house products under the Edge series. Finaclewas one of the few major successful products from Infosys.

5) Having someone like Vishal Sikka from SAP with experience of building Hana was a great move. He being an AI expert and nerd and builder of products was another strong point in his factor

6) Having a team of professionals beyond the founders team to lead the company was a great move and sign of company reaching that stage of maturity. But that transition is what didn’t get handled well for various reasons. There is no point in doing postmortem by media. I would recommend using this example for learning lessons on the role of Governance, Transition Plan from “Family/Founder” run organization to a “Public Company” where stockholders and Board of Directors might not be all family members.

Now, I am sure the next leadership of Infosys will charter the brave new world and pave the path for decades ahead. Microsoft after Bill Gates Steve Balmer under Satya Nadella is a good example, Google under Sundar Pichai are good examples to learn from. The recent efforts of Vishal Sikka to help Infosys transform from a technical manpower driven software services business to a product led company driven by Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Machine Learning/AI, Robotics etc.

One thought on “Infosys -> From NRN/Nandan era > Sikka – ?

  • August 20, 2017 at 1:13 am

    Very well written pragmatic opinion, without judging anyone. This is the kind of unbiased and balanced point of view that is needed in difficult times .


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